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Iver Olsen [Parents] was born in 1711 in Brude. He died in 1746 in Druknet i Rauma under Føting. He married Birgithe Jørgensdatter.

Birgithe Jørgensdatter was born about 1690 in Fladmark. She married Iver Olsen.

Tor Åge Langås was born on 11 Oct 1953. He married Gunnvor Løkseth.

Gunnvor Løkseth [Parents] was born on 30 Jul 1958. She married Tor Åge Langås.

They had the following children:

  M i Helge Langås was born on 11 Dec 1982.
  F ii Trine Langås was born on 12 Jan 1987.

Nils Nilsen [Parents] was born in 1690 in Vike ved Tresfjorden. He died in 1767 in Vike ved Tresfjorden. He married Marit Pedersdatter. Nils was born in 1690. He died in Vike.


Marit Pedersdatter was born in 1700 in Indre Vike. She married Nils Nilsen.

They had the following children:

  M i Ola Nilsen was born in 1725. He died in 1783.
  F ii Kari Nilsdatter was born in 1732.

Helge Hansen was born on 20 Nov 1948. He died on 16 May 1987. He married Oddrun Løkseth.

Oddrun Løkseth [Parents] was born on 3 Aug 1950. She married Helge Hansen.

They had the following children:

  M i Roger Hansen was born on 10 Jun 1971.
  M ii Frode Hansen was born on 28 May 1974.

Casper Caspersen [Parents] died on 17 Jun 1594 in Trondheim.


He had the following children:

  F i Margrethe Casparsdatter was born about 1550. She died on 10 Jun 1610.
  M ii Hans Casparsen was born in 1551 in Trondheim. He died in 1620 in Trondheim. [Notes]
  F iii Ærmegaard Casparsdatter was born in 1545. She died on 17 May 1639. [Notes]



He had the following children:

  M i Casper Caspersen died on 17 Jun 1594.

Peder Andriasen [Parents] was born in 1832 in Hustad. He married Hanna Mathiasdatter.

Other marriages:
Pedersdatter, Ellen Gurine

Hanna Mathiasdatter was born in 1828 in Remmem. She married Peder Andriasen.

They had the following children:

  M i Markus Pedeerson was born in 1857 in Flønes.
  M ii Edvard Pederson was born in 1860.
  M iii Erik Anaresas Pederson was born in 1864.

Andreas Pedersen [Parents] was born in 1807 in Hustad. He married Elen Bendiksdatter.

Elen Bendiksdatter [Parents] was born in Malefet. She married Andreas Pedersen.

They had the following children:

  M i Peder Andriasen was born in 1832.

Peder Jonson was born in 1814 in Brandshaug Hoel. He died on 24 Nov 1887. He married Anne Jonsdatter.

Other marriages:
Jonsdatter, Søster Til Anne

Anne Jonsdatter died on 3 Sep 1866. She married Peder Jonson.

They had the following children:

  F i Ellen Gurine Pedersdatter was born on 17 Apr 1844. She died on 13 Mar 1890.
  M ii Johannes Pederson was born on 14 Feb 1846. He died on 5 Feb 1876.
  F iii Johanne Pederson was born on 2 May 1847.
  M iv John Pederson was born on 24 Jun 1849.
  M v Martinius Pederson was born on 30 Dec 1851 in Brandahaug. He died on 3 Nov 1927.
  F vi Nicoline Pederson was born on 6 Feb 1854.
  F vii Karen Sophie Pederson was born on 19 Jan 1856.
  F viii Marie Magdalena Pederson was born on 8 Nov 1858. She died on 8 Oct 1952.

Edvard Larsen [Parents] was born on 1 Oct 1873 in Hustad. He died on 26 Aug 1964. He married Elene Pedersen Hustad.


Elene Pedersen Hustad [Parents] was born on 23 May 1868 in Hustad. She died on 19 Apr 1934. She married Edvard Larsen.

They had the following children:

  F i Emma Gunhilde Hustad was born on 25 Apr 1903. She died on 18 Dec 1975.
  F ii Gudrun Toeline Hustad was born on 21 Oct 1905. She died on 5 Apr 1990.

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